Sassy Caddy Ladies Tennis Racquet Bags - Flirty

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Sassy Caddy Ladies Tennis Racquet Bags - Flirty

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Saddy Caddy Ladies Tennis Racquet Bag Features:

Arrive on the courts in style with our Sassy Caddy, Inc. Tennis Racquet Bag. We use attractive, stylish and durable fabrics on our bags that are water resistant, stain resistant and have up to 1000 hours of UV protection.
Our Sassy Caddy, Inc. Tennis Racquet Bags have two large compartments, each with a dual 280 degree zipper allowing easy access to your racquets and other items.

One pocket can hold up to two racquets. You can store clothing, towels and other essentials in the other large pocket.

Adjustable padded shoulder strap allows you to carry our bag across your back as a sling or you can carry our bag like a back pack with our dual strap system.

Strategically designed pockets on inside of bag:

  • Insulated, removable pouch to store snacks

  • Velvet lined pocket to store your valuables 

  • Three smaller pockets to store your cell phone, keys, wallet, etc.

  • Large external pocket to store shoes or clothing.

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